why is writing soo hard ;c

From what I can tell, the following post will probably end up being some twisted pep-talk that makes no sense what-so-ever.

But then again, if you’ve read my blog before, that’s kind of how all my posts are.

Anywho, I was just thinking about how I really need to write. I don’t see why I can’t – I know the general plot line  I have plenty of time to write, and I’m in the perfect environment with no distractions whatsoever.

Yet, of course, I have no motivation to write a. single. word.

So I’m just kind of like








Surprise, Surprise…

So, on my { about } page, I mentioned sharing some of my art. Here are some photos of my drawings, because my scanner is being glitchy 😛

These are all of Pinkamena/Pinkie Pie {if you don’t know who that is, google it x3}




Also, from my window, I saw a wasp {or a bee} building {or something} a hive.. 😮


A Rant.. { ignore if ya’ want }

I kinda feel lost, if you know what I mean.

And no, this is not some depressing post about how my entire life is a walk of shame, an infinite pity party. { and no, I don’t believe it is, either. it’s just a little sarcasm }

It’s about the fact that I know absolutely nothing about this whole “blogging” thing. All I know is that I’m on WordPress or something, and everything past that is me pretending that I am some expert on the subject.

What is my blog even about, anyway? Writing? Blogging? Complaining? { quite frankly, that last one seems about right, because I’ve been doing a lot of that lately }

Just thinking out loud here, this blog, I think, is going to be about me and my writing experience. And nothing more than that.

So, now that my rant is over..

{ happy monday }


{ ^ _ ^ }

Who ARE You, Anyway?

I always here writers and teachers saying things like, “Know your audience!” or “Learn your reader!” But how can you possibly know who your audience is if you barely know yourself?

You’re probably thinking, “I know myself. I’m an internet obsessed geek with nothing else to do.” But think deeper than that. Look past the surface. Think about your past. What’s something you regret? What about that one secret you’ve had since you were in 3rd grade, and you haven’t told anyone? When was the last time you cried? Or smiled? Think about the future. Where do you see yourself? Dead? In prison? International sock model? What people do you want to meet? What is the thing you fear most?

Capture these thoughts. These memories. This moments of pain, of glory. Take them, those elements, and put them into your writing. Even if you are scared to, don’t be afraid to show the world that you are human! Not just a machine that makes stories, no, you are a living, breathing person!

Think about it. Who is your favorite author or celebrity? Do you like them just because they are rich and famous? No? You idolize them because you can relate to them. You know they aren’t fake. And you need to do the same for your readers. Expose your soul with your writing, and embrace your inner self.

asfjshfuisdyf78se { that was me running my keyboard over with a bus }


Ok, ok, don’t think of as some kind of hypocrite or something.. BUUUT… I honestly can’t think of anything to write!

Wait. Scratch that. I do..

It’s just that I have no way to execute said ideas. I have so many fabulous little seedlings of a story, sprouting in the nooks and crannies of my twisted brain, yet I don’t have any sunlight or water to allow the flower bloom.

If that makes any sense. { just pretend it does XD }

I have this awesome idea for a Pinkamena fanfiction, but I don’t know how to make it into a well thought out story. Do I want it to be a big, chapter-filled book with character development and stuff? Or do I want to make it a story written in just verse/poetry? Or does this idea call for something entirely different?

And you wanna know what? This happens to me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I have some sort of idea – Even if I have just an idea of an idea – Or an idea of having an idea of an idea – I shut myself down, and that little piece of inspiration, that little cloud of dust, the teeny-tiny bit of hope and rebirth of my artistic soul is..




List of 10 Writing Ideas

Here are some ideas you can use to get into writing, in no specific order or ranking. Use them if you’d like :3

1. Make your favorite song/lyrics into a full-length story

2. Fan-fiction { cliche, I know XD }

3.  Alternate ending to favorite book/story/movie/etc.

4. If there is a story/movie/etc. where the characters are younger, create a fan-fiction of them when they are older and/or adults

5.  Rewrite a scene from a movie/story/etc. from the point of view of a less important and/or background character

6.  Create a story out of a recent dream

7.  Write a story about the world we live on with one major { or minor, your choice } thing eliminated { hunger, death, family, music, etc. }

8. What if ____ was never born? or what if ______ was never created? See where I’m going with this? XD

9.  What is something you are interested in, but don’t know much about? { knitting, ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, ANYTHING! } Write a story about being in a situation with that topic being a very important subject in the story. For example, if you choice was ‘genetic engineering‘ then the main character’s father was creating a human mutation, and some plague caused by it went loose! { just a random idea XD }

10. FINALLY. { you don’t know how long it took me to get to this point, srsly XD } Write a comment to this blog post.. I DARE YOU! NOW.

Procrastination Rant + 5 Ways to Rid of Writers block!

If you are here for the tutorial or whatever, skip everything in bold XD

I’ve had serious writers block in all areas and it’s seriously killing me! I honestly can’t get through with writing a paragraph without thinking, “Does this building have a flight of stairs? Because it would be just dandy if I could throw myself down them.”

I was so worried about making this blog post for a series of reasons. Firstly, I’ve only got one view in total for this blog – from my mom. I feel so… awkward simply talking to myself.

Or typing to myself.


But also, I’m so scared that I’m not good enough. But good enough for what, exactly?

Acceptance? Popularity? I don’t know.

So, I’ve made a decision – I’m going to write this stupid blog post even if I start gagging from boredom. Or begin praying for an earthquake. Because I’ll never know if I don’t have writers block if I never write, right?


I don’t have writers block in just blog-writing, though. I’m in a writing club that meets every other week. In the beginning, I had new content for every meet, even if I don’t share my writing. I had passion. Love. The craving of a pencil in my hand, and a story on the page. But lately, it’s more of, “I made an entire paragraph! Woohoo! .. But I’m too busy eating food and looking at pony memes on the computer to go to the writer’s meeting. I’ll go next week. Or the week after that.

Or never.”


I’m rambling, aren’t I?


I read somewhere that if you make tutorials and timeless blog posts that you’ll have more visitors or whatever, here is a post on destroying, demolishing, and roundhouse kicking all types of procrastination that plagues your mind!


5 Ways to Get Rid of Writers Block:


1. Just. Write. ANYTHING.

Seriously. Anything. Getting in the writing mood is the first step to actually creating stories. Don’t go from nothing to novel.


2. Don’t think about brainstorming or commitment

Writing a few sentence is scary to some people. Writing an entire BOOK is even scarier! So don’t worry about what will happen next, or if this one chapter of your story is really crappy. Remember that you can always edit it later – getting your thoughts on the paper is your main priority.


3. Write about what you enjoy!

Writing is meant to be FUN, not a chore. So if you are into a hobby or subject or whatever, write about that. If you are passionate about what you write about, not only will you be more happier when writing, you will know more information on the subject so you won’t have to waste time researching or coming up with ideas.


If you don’t have the option to write about what you enjoy, like for a school essay or something, there is still hope for you! Perhaps you could do some free writing about a subject of your choice just to get your juices flowing. Maybe you could take some elements that you like that thing you are passionate about and insert it into your writing. You could even include little references from x hobby/etc. into your paper!


4. Get Inspired


If you don’t have ideas, go out and get some! Inspiration is everywhere. In your backyard. In a book. In your fridge. There are so many ways to collect ideas – you can literally do it in your sleep. Some of my best ideas have come from my dreams or write before I drift off to sleep. I suggest keeping a dream journal { google it or something } so you remember all the special details about your potential story!


Or simply live your life. Face your fears. Hang out with friends. Just DO SOMETHING. If you live everyday just like the one before, no wonder you have no inspiration. Writing is an art – a thing where you express emotion and experiences. If you don’t have any, no writing for you!

5. Take a Break


If you absolutely, positively, can NOT come up with anything to write, I honestly suggest taking a break from writing just for a few days. Maybe you overworked yourself with writing, and that’s why you have no ideas. Take up a temporary hobby for a week or so, or maybe read some books for inspiration. You might even want to read some other blogs/books about writing to keep writing on your mind. But remember, DO NOT let this vacation last longer than 2 weeks. If it does, this writers blog will snowball into writer’s drought, and it may be YEARS until you write for your own enjoyment again. It seems ridiculous, but it happens.

Hope this helps! ^_^