Who ARE You, Anyway?

I always here writers and teachers saying things like, “Know your audience!” or “Learn your reader!” But how can you possibly know who your audience is if you barely know yourself?

You’re probably thinking, “I know myself. I’m an internet obsessed geek with nothing else to do.” But think deeper than that. Look past the surface. Think about your past. What’s something you regret? What about that one secret you’ve had since you were in 3rd grade, and you haven’t told anyone? When was the last time you cried? Or smiled? Think about the future. Where do you see yourself? Dead? In prison? International sock model? What people do you want to meet? What is the thing you fear most?

Capture these thoughts. These memories. This moments of pain, of glory. Take them, those elements, and put them into your writing. Even if you are scared to, don’t be afraid to show the world that you are human! Not just a machine that makes stories, no, you are a living, breathing person!

Think about it. Who is your favorite author or celebrity? Do you like them just because they are rich and famous? No? You idolize them because you can relate to them. You know they aren’t fake. And you need to do the same for your readers. Expose your soul with your writing, and embrace your inner self.


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